What’s MyTreats?

We‛re a marketplace of e-vouchers and great deals, joined by many merchants whom you are familiar with. We empower you as a consumer to BUY as you please, even in times of uncertainty. In this unprecedented economy distress, you are the SUPERSAVER and the HOPE for our economy.


They are mighty E-VOUCHERS that will lift big prices off the stuff you want to buy. Also known as Treats points, you can use them to buy goods, pay (telco) bills or transfer to someone who is motivated to join the cause.


As a friendly neighborhood app, we give you the best deals from the local merchants. Deals are the discount value provided by the mom-and-pop shops across all different categories (F&B, clothing, workshop, etc) that you’d want to support during this crisis.

Grow your E-voucher

As a member, your superpower is the ability to grow your e-vouchers when people join you. An
Affiliate program that works like a regenerative power, your account becomes invincible.

Our Supersaver Team


Official Merchants

I’m glad MyTreats came out with such an idea of bringing hope to the people. Keep up the good work because this is what everyone needs now. Especially now”

– Brendan (MyTreats User)

This is like no any other apps I’ve been using. This is an outstandingly excellent idea to help out everyone in need.
I love it, definitely

– Sheryl (Influencer)

I’m really proud of this move when it was first presented to me. I hope this will help people to get enough
supplies with what MyTreats has to offer

– MyAngkasa

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All e-vouchers and discounts are subject to merchants’ terms and conditions








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